Royal icing is used to make pastry decorations or to glaze a cake. This is a basic technique to keep that will be useful for all types of sweet recipes.

Preparation: 10 mins

Recipe 200 g condensed milk
50 g milk powder
100g mascarpone Dark chocolate for glazing.
Ricetta 200g latte condensato 50g lette in pulvere 100g mascarpone Cioccolato fondente per glassare.
Recipe 200 g
Condensed milk 50 g
Milk powder 100 g
Mascarpone Dark chocolate for glazing.
Recipe 200 g of condensed milk 50 g of powdered milk 100 g of mascarpone Dark chocolate for the icing

Note: Depending on the desired texture, icing royal adjust the sugar. A soft texture will make it possible to glaze a cake, and a firmer texture will make it possible to make cone decorations or decorative glue elements.

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