These quick and easy Thanksgiving cookie recipes are a wonderful complement to any Thanksgiving meal!

My favourite dish to eat while visiting relatives is a batch of Thanksgiving cookies flavoured with autumnal flavours.

After dinner, I find it to be quite lovely to sip milk and eat cookies! Additionally, getting the kids involved in a pleasant pastime like baking cookies is fantastic.

So, if you’re looking for the greatest cookies for Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, check out our list of suggestions!

Traditional shortbread cookies, sugar cookies, and even oddball turkeys are available here to brighten up the kids.

Best Thanksgiving Cookie Recipes + Simple Instructions

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1. Cookies with chocolate chips and pumpkin (Thanksgiving cookie recipes)

Thanksgiving cookie recipes

The Full Recipe On Sally’s Baking Addiction

You’ll love these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, I’m sure!

You may get a chewier texture by omitting the egg, substituting melted butter, and blotting the pumpkin.

2. Pecan Shortbread Cookies (Thanksgiving cookie recipes)

Thanksgiving cookie

The Full Recipe On Country Living

These traditional shortbreads have the finest nut of the season in the centre.

A sweet and nutty ingredient, pecans go well with traditional shortbread cookies.

3. Easy Sugar Cookies with Turkey

Thanksgiving cookie recipes

The Full Recipe On Fireflies and Mudpies

These delightful Turkey Sugar Cookies, ideal for November, will inspire our Thanksgiving cookie creations.

Suitable for all ages, they’re fun and simple to prepare, perfect for parties, lunch boxes, or playdates. Perhaps you’ve encountered similar cookies online or in the past.

The recipe features candied eyes, handmade vanilla frosting, and my cherished sour cream sugar cookie dough.

4. Sugar Cookie Bars

Thanksgiving cookie

The Full Recipe On Food Folks and Fun

The chewy-soft texture and wonderful flavor of store-bought sugar cookie bars may both be found in this recipe for sugar cookie bars.

I love that you can adapt these sugar cookie bars to meet any celebration, event, or holiday.

5. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies (Thanksgiving cookie recipes)

Thanksgiving cookie

The Full Recipe On The Pioneer Woman

Although eating these chocolaty cookies might be a bit messy due to the powdered sugar coating, it is well worth it! Take a serviette and start now.

6. Cranberry Coconut Yummies (Thanksgiving cookie recipes)

Thanksgiving cookie recipes

The Full Recipe On Taste of Home

I adore cranberry coconut cookies, a perfect blend of sweetness and tanginess. They’re my absolute favorite!

7. The Best Autumn Cookies: Vibrant Leaf Cookies


The Full Recipe On Food Folks and Fun

I’m paying homage to the stunning autumn foliage with these Autumn Cookies! Don’t be intimidated; making these sugar cookies shaped like leaves is a lot simpler than it seems!

Another entertaining task for youngsters is baking these cookies.

Starting with a simple cookie recipe that will be divided and coloured, you will proceed.

To make this simpler to handle before cutting and baking, chill it.

Cut off pieces of each color, then scatter them on the counter in a random pattern to create the impression of a mosaic.

Roll it out and press it down even before you remove the leaves.

8. Caramel-Apple Cookies (Thanksgiving cookie recipes)

Thanksgiving cookie

The Full Recipe On Southern Living

One of the most well-liked flavor combinations among bakers in the autumn is the tantalizing mix of caramel and apple.

There must be at least one delicious and juicy apple dessert on holiday and celebration buffets.

9. Cookie Doughnuts with Glaze

Thanksgiving cookie recipes

The Full Recipe On Pure Wow

What could be tastier than a cookie and a doughnut? cookie in the form of a doughnut.

Without being deep-fried in oil, it nevertheless has the same cinnamon-sugar flavor and sprinkle-topped frosting.

10. Cookies with a Snickerdoodle history (Thanksgiving cookie recipes)

Thanksgiving cookie

The Full Recipe On Epicurious

These childhood favorites taste like autumn because they’ve been generously dusted with cinnamon sugar.

As you prepare your Thanksgiving meal, let your guests graze on them all day.

11. Thanksgiving Cookies

Thanksgiving cookie recipes

The Full Recipe On Chelsea’s Messy Apron

The easiest edible craft for Thanksgiving. Three ingredients and a few minutes are all you need to make these little cornucopia biscuits!

To make this straightforward treat, just attach a bugle to the bottom half of a biscuit and sprinkle M&Ms on top.

Therefore, all you need to prepare them is three components!

If you want these cookies to be particularly stable, I guess you could add a fourth ingredient—a container of frosting (or homemade frosting, which would require a few more ingredients—to pipe on some of the M&M’s to keep them precisely where you want them).

12. Cookies with White Chocolate Chips and Cranberries

Thanksgiving cookie

The Full Recipe On Sally’s Baking Addiction

Cranberry and white chocolate make a delicious combination that perfectly satisfies both sweet and salty cravings.

13. Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies (Thanksgiving cookie recipes)

Thanksgiving cookie recipes

The Full Recipe On Once Upon a Pumpkin

cookies that are thin, crunchy, and have a delicious cream cheese swirl on top!

They are perfect for you if you like pumpkin cheesecake since they are both beautiful and tasty thanksgiving cookie recipes.

If you’re looking to bake something delectable that isn’t a pie for Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, these are great options.

These incredible Thanksgiving cookie ideas are a hit! Which will you try first? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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